What is PBS?

PBS stands for Positive Behaviour Support. It is a collaborative and assessment-based approach to aim at increasing quality of life and decreasing problem behaviour by teaching new skills and making changes in an individual's environment.

ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis), inclusion movement, and person-centred values forms the three pillars that support PBS. Through the use of a set of research-based strategies, PBS aims at creating meaningful and durable behaviour and lifestyle improvements while empowering the entire family or school system.

PBS can be implemented in different ways. It is used at school and at home.

School-wide/ Class-wide PBS

The 3-Tier Model

PBS is used to support ALL students in its school-wide/ class-wide application. Behavioural strategies are in place to teach and monitor everyone's behaviours in a proactive and positive manner. For students who require more support, tier 2 and 3 support will be implemented.